E5 Support Services was created to fit the needs of today’s emergency services. From emergency services consulting to training and even staffing, our professional services can help your agency be successful in meeting your needs.

Some Considerations:

  • Lack of volunteers during day time hours can make it hard for your agency to respond.
  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requirements are hard to satisfy.
  • Department of Labor (DOL) laws make it hard not to hire your own people.
  • Who is going to supervise our employees?
  • How can we mitigate any problems with the paid staff?
  • Are any other agencies experiencing the same issues?

E5 works with agencies to legally provide staffing.

  • We can resolve Department of Labor issues that may affect your agency.
  • E5consultswithyouragencyto see who would best provide service for your agency.
  • Personnel matters are discussed with E5 to make quick resolutions of any issue.
  • E5 has a thorough interview, evaluation and background check process to ensure your agency has only the best paid staff possible.

E5 works with agencies to provide efficient training.

  • OSHA requirements are taught to the paid staff.
  • Documentation issues are discussed.
  • Basic card requirements are met.
  • Regional ALS skill requirements are satisfied.
  • VOLUNTEER staff is welcome to train with us…for FREE!

Is hiring your own volunteers legal? Read the fine print on why you need E5.

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