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Everything you have come to know and trust about E5...

...a knowledgeable and experienced billing staff.

...effective consulting to support your efforts.

...an enthusiastic approach to increasing your revenue.

...education on best practices in documentation.

...energetic participation in your success.

Today, more than ever, EMS agencies are feeling the increased fiscal pressure of providing the high-quality services their communities have come to rely on. Small community agencies, that once provided services with only donations and fund drives, are now finding the need to boost their revenue streams due to paid staffing, increased regulation, training demands, and all the increased expenses that go along with running a business.

Our billing staff is dedicated to supporting our clients on all levels as they strive to give their neighbors the very best. Together, we will work with you to make sure you get every dollar you are entitled to and that the attention to your patients is prompt, understanding, and knowledgeable about their bill, health insurance, and options.

The E5 Billing Services staff has collectively over thirty years’ experience in billing and billing administration for small and large not for profit ambulance companies and municipalities. We will provide effective consulting to support your needs, develop an enthusiastic approach to increase your revenue, educate your staff on best practices in documentation, and energetically participate in your success.

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